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Street Light Management System

City street lights are one of the biggest electricity consumers in any city. The monitoring and management of these lights can also often be a very time consuming and costly task to any municipality.

Our Street Light Management System is a cloud-based system that can manage and provide consolidated real-time information about the status of any street light linked to it. It is quick and easy to install, and seamlessly connects to existing street lights with no interference to the current operating environment.

Key Features include:

  • High Compatibility
  • Light History and Smart Diagnosis
  • Easy To Use App
  • Real-Time and Elastic Switch Control
  • Low Cost Circuit
  • Repair and Report Management

Technical Info

System Features


High Compatibility

  1. Installation is simple-does not interfere with the existing operating environment
  2. Can be integrated with existing street lights for seamless connection

Light History

  1. Operation of each light recorded in the cloud database- detailed analytics for administrator to access lamp history
  2. Automatic failure notifications for fast light replacement

Smart Diagnosis

  1. Access accurate information on individual lights anytime and anywhere- track repair progress and examine reports
  2. Smart system automatically diagnoses lights for abnormalities and reports failures to the administrator in real time, accelerating the repair process
  3. Smart analysis enables easy management & operation of street lights across time zones and borders

Easy-to-Use App

  1. Equipped with precise information of street light locations, lighting status, real-time electricity use
  2. Offer Intuitive Management compared to the Traditional Tablet Management

Real-time Control (Single-light)

  1. Offers a real-time and fast way of operating street lights
  2. Control lights via the internet across time zones and borders
  3. Data sent through to Gateway
  4. Each Gateway can control 400 lights, max transmission distance of up to 1,400 meters

Elastic Switch Control (Single-light)

  1. Offers “elastic automatic switch” function to turn lights on/off even when no internet access or computers are available

Low Cost (Circuit)

  1. Circuit-level management allows lower equipment and installation costs
  2. With a single meter and a single interface, up to 240 lights can be managed- enhance efficiency and saving costs.


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