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Solar-Powered Water Pump

Southern Africa falls under one of the highest Equivalent Sunshine Hours (ESH) areas in the world. Africa as a continent is also no stranger to drought, with some droughts lasting many months at a time.

Our Solar-Powered Water Pump system can pump water from underground and can run off both an AC electrical connection or PV solar energy. The setup has very low construction and maintenance costs, as well as being extremely reliable and weather resistant. It features a high-efficiency smart control function which automatically governs the speed at which the pump draws water from underground.

Technical Info

System Features


  • Pumping system is AC type, not DC type which can connect with solar system
  • Low system construction & maintenance cost
  • High efficiency with smart control function (speed governing & rated speed running)- which is for three-phase type of pump only
  • High reliability with complete protection


Consideration FactorSolar Pumping System
Genset (Generator) Pumping System
Power source
SolarDiesel Fuel
Maintenance cost
Fuel cost
Environmental impact
Set-up cost
Operation time
Daytime or 24 hours
24 hours


  • Life time of PV modules can last for 25 years
  • Payback year is 4 to 6 years compared to the generator pumping system
  • Save diesel fuel cost
  • Easy to be installed and maintained
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High economic benefit in rural area
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