General Details

Solar-Powered Traffic Lights

Our solar-powered robotic systems use wireless and electrical wiring, and can operate on solar energy when the traffic lights malfunction during rain storms or flooding. The system can be powered through solar panels for up to 2 days in the event that there is no sunlight to recharge it.

This system also has traffic congestion detectors (Adaptive Signal Control) built-in so it can quickly and easily detect from which direction traffic is most congested. Directional lights will automatically and safely switch to allow busier lanes longer opening times so as to ease traffic flow.

Key Management Features include:

  • Configuration Management
  • Device Status Management
  • Dynamic Timing Planning
  • Traffic Signal Management
  • Realtime IO Data Monitoring

Technical Info

Key System Includes

  • Solar powered Traffic Lights
  • Traffic Light Controller
  • Radar Vehicle Detector
  • Basic Function Software
    • Configuration Management
    • Communication Control
    • Equipment Monitoring
    • Timing Plan Management
    • Dynamic Intersection Display
  • Dynamic Signal Control Software
    •  Supports 10 Radar Vehicle Detectors
  • Project Management and System Integration




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Traffic Light Controller

Radar Vehicle Detector