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Smart Energy Management Solutions (Smart Meters)

There is an increased need in todays age to monitor the consumption of the energy we use on a daily basis. Load shedding is very common across Africa, but this can be reduced if we can more accurately monitor our electricity use.

The Smart Meter system is an all-in-one energy monitoring and management solution that can be controlled simply through your cell phone or computer. It is capable of interacting with and managing sensor equipment, devices and electric meters.

Key Features include:

  • Remotely monitoring and switching on or off equipment at home or at the office to save electricity
  • Uploading of data through to operators and customers
  • Switching off heavy energy consumers, such as geysers, during load shedding but still allow electricity to run

Technical Info

System Features


Field Management

Use group Cloud management to achieve large-scale cross-field syndicated energy management and supervise energy performance of different departments through the Cloud platform.


Regional Dynamics

Use regional environmental visualization to help enterprises to supervise facilities’ instant energy consumption, environment, etc. and clarify corporate power consumption trends.


Energy Regulation

Provide equipment control stabilization to assist enterprises in regulating energy devices (electricity, lighting, air conditioning) in the facilities and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.


Report Management

Provide energy cost reports, comprehensive enterprise energy cost records, and effectively control energy usage trends to facilitate the timely adjustment of electricity policies.


Incident Management

Provide linked alarm regularization so that facility managers can receive proactive anomaly alerts anywhere, instantly grasp the pulse of the facility, and quickly eliminate the anomaly.

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System Integration


iFamily Wireless Gateway


iFamily Smart Universal Plug

Smart Breaker (ZigBee)- Wireless


Smart Breaker (RS-458)- Wired