General Details

Load Management System

Incorrect billing, power wastage and electricity theft will all be a problem of the past thanks to our Intelligent Energy Management System (Digital DB Board). The system is designed to be used as an enterprise energy management solution and has the ability to control and monitor electricity remotely through internet cloud-based technology via your cell phone or computer. Every enterprise has unique power usage needs and this is where our Digital DB Board fills the gap creating the ability to now more accurately control and monitor usage throughout.

Key Features include:

  • Demand and Environment Control
  • Lighting, Air-Conditioning and Water Resource Management
  • Ability to Recycle Heat and Energy
  • Facility Efficiency enhancement

Technical Info

Field Management

Manage energy performance of different departments within company- Cloud platform (cross-field)

Regional Dynamics

Use regional visualization- help supervise facilities’ energy consumption, environment, clarify consumption trends,

visualized energy consumption information

Energy Regulation

Control energy devices (electricity, lighting, air conditioning)- reduce energy consumption

Report Management

Provide energy cost reports and records, control energy usage trends

Demand Scheduling

Reduce peak-hour demands & decrease fees

Energy Expert System

Multiple decision analysis tools (power bill structure, electricity analysis, etc.) to reduce energy consumption costs

Incident Management

Linked alarm management- get alerts for abnormal activities & eliminates it

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Product Images

Demand Controller Panel

Demand Controller Panel with alert lights

Demand Controller Panel with alert lights (inside view)